Brain Harmonics


Brain Harmonics uses neurofeedback to help people with problems such as…

stress and anxiety
unresolved emotional issues
learning disorders
problems with sleep
post traumatic stress disorder
anger, frustration and irritation
lack of motivation
…and many other problems and disorders

What causes problems and disorders?
Some problems and disorders occur when our brains don’t produce appropriate brainwaves because they get out of balance – due to stress, information overload, illness and other factors.

Neurofeedback can help with wellness and performance optimization
The good news is that neurofeedback has a high success rate in helping people rebalance their brains. Think of your brain as the pilot of an aeroplane, your nervous system as the controls and the body of the plane as your body. Making sure the pilot is in good shape (i.e. ‘balanced’) is the first step to harmonizing the whole body. After that you can work towards wellness and performance optimization.

Can Brain Harmonics help you?
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