Within a few hours of brain training I could start to feel the results: the brain fog disappeared completely and my memory was back to normal, my energy levels increased exponentially and the tension eased from my body.

Over the next few weeks my quality of sleep improved so drastically that I was amazed to realise just how badly I had been sleeping before. A lot of my fears and anxiety seemed to disappear and I found it easy to make decisions based on the facts of the situation without having to worry about emotion.

My own emotions became clearer and easier to understand and I was able to express them to my family and friends without becoming overwhelmed by intense feelings. My relationships improved as I was able to better communicate my needs, as well as not reacting emotionally to others negative moods.

Everyday, I discover something new about how I am interacting with the world in an easier, more harmonious way. Sometimes it's something small, like saying no without feeling guilty and sometimes it is big, like standing up and singing in front of a group of strangers for the first time ever.

I now look forward to each day with excitement, knowing that my brain is now equipped to deal with whatever life throws me in a functional and healthy way. I tell everyone I know about what has happened to me, because this is one of the things I will remember for the rest of my life as having had a life altering impact. - Alana Byrne, Certified New Insights Coach, abyrne@webmail.co.za

Two weeks before signing up for Brain Harmonics I visited a specialist physician complaining that I was 37 but felt like 80. In 2005 I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I was hoping to find another answer to explain my symptoms. My list of complaints included general body pain, exhaustion even after sleep, difficulty sleeping, accelerated heart rate, nausea, weight gain, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, feeling vague and disassociated, severe headaches, TMJ [jaw problems], increased anxiety and high blood pressure. After extensive blood tests, x-rays and a scan of my heart no reason for these symptoms was forthcoming.

I don’t know how it worked or exactly when it changed but I know that I now feel present, can concentrate, sleep, don’t react as emotionally to situations and have more energy.

For me the biggest benefits include:

• I am now able to keep perspective when dealing with things; I can step back and analyse the situation and react appropriately.
• I can concentrate. I used to have to read something four or five times before I actually knew what it was about; now my concentration is fantastic. I am present in meetings, am getting things done at work with much less effort and feel like I am really engaged in what’s going on around me.
• A more difficult benefit to share is the emotional sense of wellbeing. I just feel like I can cope and that I am in control of my life. I feel like I can tackle what a day throws at me rather than feeling like I’m just holding it together by a thread.

People have definitely noticed the difference. I cope with things that would have set me off before and am much more relaxed and carefree.

I would recommend, and have, Brain Harmonics to anyone who just isn’t feeling on top their game. You know when you are ‘in the zone’ and when you aren’t and the truth is you don’t need a long list of ailments or a specific diagnosis for Brain Harmonics to change your life, just a desire to be fully present everyday - I can’t tell you how or why but it has definitely made a difference in my life. - H.W.

Thank you so much. I am really feeling great – and the anxiousness is completely gone and I feel much more balanced - Eva

I am definitely far less anxious than I used to be and do not suffer from panic attacks, especially in places where there are large crowds of people.

Also, through the techniques I learned during the training, when the little voice in my head starts I am able to quieten it down faster than I could before. Stress levels are definitely down and as I said above the nervous anxiousness I battled with before is no longer there and when my animals let me sleep through the whole night I wake up feeling far more alert and refreshed than I used to. I am far more focused at work and find I am getting through more of my work quicker than before and finding it far less draining on me mentally and physically. I am generally more relaxed and it takes longer to get me upset or angry than it used to in the past. - Kelly

I was having rolling migraines when I came to Kerry. Lasting a few days, which no amount of Myprodol or Maxalt could fix.

On one occasion I arrived for my treatment with the beginnings of a migraine. By the end of the session, the migraine had gone. It has not since returned! I started an onset again this morning – typical symptoms – tight right shoulder, tender and sore neck just below the skull. Usually that turns into a whopper in a couple of hours. Right now I am still standing – it has disappeared!

I would normally be extremely bad after long periods on my computer – well, this month I have spent many hours of mind-bending time on computer, and still no headaches. I can only put it down to the brain harmonics. Thank God for Kerry! - Marguerite