Brain Harmonics for Kids

brain harmonics

We can train someone who has


If your child battles to learn, focus or concentrate, our ADD learning program helps all clients to filter out distractions, stay on task and take in as well as retrieve information more easily.

We address the high Theta to Beta ratio when brain training someone who has ADD or ADHD. We have protocols that raise the dopamine naturally in your brain by raising your smr (sensory motor rhythm) at your Central lobes (this is what ADD medications such as Ritalin do while you are on the medication which will wear off when the medication wears off), we usually do this while getting the client to watch videos (enhancing concentration) while we build dominoes on their bodies, this also teaches them to filter out distractions all the while their brain is creating new neural pathways. 

We also teach people with ADD to think in pictures and have a series of games that teach them how to see more detail or we use school work to show them how to link the work to pictures (memory pegging).  We will also address any other reversal’s that we find in their brains which will enable them to operate more efficiently.

We also look at improving emotional balance and sensory integration.

Elements that we treat...

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brain harmonics

Emotional Issues

When a child experiences emotional issues, Fear, Panic, anxiety or depression, they often don’t know how to vocalise this. It can look like a sore tummy, frequent crying, temper tantrums, lack of motivation to do chores or school work and much more. We strive to balance emotions in children before we look at how they are able to focus and concentrate. Once a child can get quality sleep and feel happy then being able to learn correctly can happen.

brain harmonics

Behavioural Issues

Most behavioural issues are caused from traumas, stress, anxiety and depression which are caused from external stressors. They are the child’s way of acting out the discomfort. We have had some children with behavioural issues related to injuries to the head as well. When we have a traumatic brain injury, frequencies pad at certain sites in the head to protect us but this can also cause imbalances such as fight or flight where children become reactive and aggressive.

brain harmonics

Learning Issues

Many factors can contribute to learning issues, being distracted, not being able to take information in clearly or battling to retrieve it. We look at 5 issues that contribute to this in an assessment to clearly advise on how we can assist your child. We have a learning program that we run while their brain is being brain trained to teach the learning techniques as well as to create new neural pathways to assist with this.

Do you feel your Child suffers form one or more of these Issues?

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