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brain harmonics testimonial nicole

Nicole da Silva

Honest chat - long self care post 🙏 We're winding down from what's been a full volume, pedal to the metal "make up" year after a crazy and oftentimes terrifying couple of years. I haven't felt more mentally, physically and emotionally drained, but you know, you've got to show up. There's been good days and heavy days and even on my days off I've felt drained to almost nothing, barely recognising myself. I think it was Mel Robins that said "No one is coming to save you" so, babes, you HAVE to save yourself 🥲 I've done a lot of work to lessen the load, put in boundaries, saw a great psychologist and I still felt burnt out, raw and unhappy even though things are really good. I got a PR email about a place that helps with ADHD & ADD using neurofeedack and was intrigued. After doing an interview with Kerry the owner of @brainharmonics_ on my show she offered me an assessment to see if I had either of the 2, but what I didn't know was how many other things she could detect that was out of balance in my brain... I'm talking sleep issues, trouble focusing, being stuck in fight or flight, trauma, anxiety, accessing my creative and logic hemispheres simultaneously the list goes on. ☺️ Yesterday marks a week since I finished my treatment sessions with her and I feel so much more at ease, I can work better, I don't feel exhausted after a full nights sleep and a few other pluses. I'm going to do a few reels using videos I recorded from the sessions to show you what it's like and how it works, but I wanted to share this now with anyone who knows they're not functioning at their best and (like me) don't want to take medication to get back to normal. I can't believe this type of treatment exists and I'd never heard of it. I feel like I've had 10 years of therapy and a month long holiday in just 10 days. I'm going in to see if there's any "top ups" I need to do in 2 weeks time, but right now I'm just so relieved that I feel more like me ❤️ Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or DMs. In case you were wondering, I wasn't paid to post this and I'd never recommend something I didn't believe in 100% or try myself.
I recommend that anyone suffering from stress, overload, depression and erratic behaviour has nothing to lose by doing the Brain Harmonic’s training. It has defiantly made a positive on-going difference to my life. I am experiencing dormant resources emerging from within me which are particularly useful to my life and wellbeing.
Marco Schiess
How I knew about brain harmonics...my mom was on the internet some time ago and came across their site, read people testimonials and saw that they had the same problem as mine and how Brain harmonics helped them change their lives .. now I'm doing good, doing well at school, very active ,I can concentrate in class , I'm doing absolutely fantastic! It helps you relax and find sense of peace in you not even words can explain how Brain harmonics changed my life. .Those hours you sit in there is worth it, trust me and then you get to meet a friendly and kind practitioner. I can assure you that you Will never regret it. Brain harmonics is the way!
In 2013 I was chosen to represent SA at the Triathlon World Champs in London. I took the year off to train and get fit. When I started work at the end of the year as a Chiropractor I battled to stay awake during the day as my sleep patterns from training had affected the balance in my sleep waves. After my program, I have not had the urge to sleep in the mid-morning, I am far more organized and efficient in my practice and my head feels so much lighter and cleared of all the excess thinking. I also find that it has helped my training as my physical and mental connection has improved (I don’t have a little voice in my head telling me that I’m tired). As I am a health professional and have studied the brain, Brain Harmonics made complete sense to me as it is very scientific, therefore you can measure results. Thanks Kerry!
This brain training has had such a profound change in my life (and I actually just wanted to improve my musical performance!) I am making quick decisions without overthinking stuff and it is making my life feel lighter and more in control. I've made changes that I have been struggling for a while to make, due to foggy brain, but it just seem easy to do now! Even my relationships towards people have changed and I do not walk away from confrontation anymore, but rather face it head on and get it over with. Thank you so much for this! I feel great - definate change in the way I'm thinking and reacting - much calmer!!